Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shipboard Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Emergency is any situation or accident that causes or is likely to cause loss of life, environment or property. The primary obj

Four missing in Serious fire on ultra-large containership Maersk Honam

The ultra-large 330 mts Maersk containership of 15,262 TEU Maersk Honam headed from Singapore to Suez carrying 7,860 containers reported a serious fire in the vessel's hold at on Tuesday nea...

Oil tanker caught fire at kandla outer anchorage

So far the wounds of chinese ship and Iranian oil tanker ship's injuries were not healed,an another tregedy happen in the starting of 2018. MT Genessia currently at OTB Kandla (outer road...

Tanker and Cargo ship collision near Shanghai leaves 32 missing

Crude oil tanker SANCHI collided with bulk carrier CF CRYSTAL at around 1800 Beijing time Jan 6 east of Yangtze river estuary in East China  sea, according to Chinese sources. More th...


IMO Requirements for Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS)

What do you understand by clean ballast and dirty ballast?

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

FAL Convention:Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic

How To Find Sextant Index Error By Celestial Observations

What is Rising and dipping of lights