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About us

Sailorinsight a social networking based website for maritime community called Sailorinsight. The idea behind this  is to bring seafarers , ship managers and all other players in the industry, like Ship owners, Charterers,Shippers and others on a single platform and to create the value for the users by letting them to connect in the social networking’s fashion, while also providing specialized tools for their needs.

A  platform for sharing knowledgeable study material and personnel  experiences in the shipping around the globe is the most famous section of our website,

Sailor insight intend to bring this fragmented global community on one platform and constitute a Democratic and Vibrant Community

We stand upright to give a level playing field to all the members of the Maritime Community, whether they are “Ultra-rich Ship-owners” or a “middle class hard working Ordinary Seaman”.

We wish to give them various tools to express their views with each other……. one has right to comment upload pics, documents, and re-comment on all the things displayed in the site.

In today’s crewing scenario where the seafarers and especially officers migrate very often from one company to another, it’s worthwhile to look into the real causes. Being a seafarer myself, I believe it’s basically the due to lack of emotional attachment to the employers and lack-age of sense of belonging. Looking into the demography of the native places of seafarers, it’s a much rarefied community which can truly be called a community, if only they are on-board or in fact online at a single platform on  internet.

Sailor insight presents a very unique online platform  where users from various categories and class of Maritime industry are brought together.