SOLAS CONVENTION FOR MASTER. Emergency Generator According to SOLAS II-1/Reg 43 A self contained emergency source of electrical power shall be provided. They shall not be located forward of collision bulkhead. It shall be sufficient to supply thatessential for safety in an emergency. For period of 3Hrs to emergency lighting at every muster and embarkation station. For period of 18Hrs to all service, including at steering

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THE CARRIER    The person who carries goods and/or passengers for remuneration or reward. Kinds of carrier common carrier private carrier Common carrier    A carrier who, for hire or reward, from one terminus to another the goods of any person.  Characteristics of common carrier Cannot choose his customers; Charge a reasonable price for his

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Incident At Sea

Incident At Sea Distress message received Collision Grounding (or) Stranding Fire MOB Abandon ship Distress message received As per SOLAS V/Reg 33 …. Statutory obligation as Master, on received distress alert at sea Proceed with all speed, to assistance of the person in distress and inform them (or) appropriate SAR , that

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