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Hull stress monitoring system

Hull stress monitoring system is for a bulk carrier of 20,000 DWT & above. Consideration is also given for fitting this system to other types of ships.

Silent features
1) Hardware and software of hull stress monitoring system to be approved by the administration.
2) Provisions are also given for hull stress monitoring system to be compatible with Voyage data recorder fitted and all monitored data can be transmitted to voyage data recorder.
1) Longitudinal based gauges are provided for strain measurement, Located on the main deck at different positions along the length of the ship, to detect stresses during loading, unloading, and navigation.
2) one accelerometer for measuring verticle acceleration at the bow.
3) Two accelerometers for measuring roll and sway, suitably located at the centerline of the ship.
4) other sensors include microprocessor, display, and data storage terminal.

what can sensor information provide us?
1) The strain gauges on the main deck, taking due account of temperature effects are to give information on stress levels during navigation, loading, and unloading.
They are to give information on wave-induced stresses and the mean value of still water stresses. By analyzing an offset to the mean value, an indication to the water ingress to holds can be provided,
2) The signals from the accelerometer are to describe the verticle and transverse motion of the ship. By analyzing the frequency ranges of the signal from the verticle gauge, slamming information can be provided.

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