Sunday, February 25, 2018
Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead In order to achieve the fire safety objectives, the regulations include certain functional requirement

Oil tanker caught fire at kandla outer anchorage

So far the wounds of chinese ship and Iranian oil tanker ship's injuries were not healed,an another tregedy happen in the starting of 2018. MT Genessia currently at OTB Kandla (outer road...

Tanker and Cargo ship collision near Shanghai leaves 32 missing

Crude oil tanker SANCHI collided with bulk carrier CF CRYSTAL at around 1800 Beijing time Jan 6 east of Yangtze river estuary in East China  sea, according to Chinese sources. More th...

Emergency: Fire Fighting on Board Ship

So far we have mentioned activities intended for use both at sea and in port, but in port, there may be a few changes. The following points are valid both for fire contingency as well as an

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

Fire Integrity Of Bulkhead

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